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Home automation, also called domotics, is a group of techniques that simplify and add to the comfort, security, and energy efficiency of private homes. 

Basic automated controls include lighting, climate, security, entertainment systems, surveillance, doors, drapes, pet feeding, weather monitoring, and plant watering, to name a few.  All automated devices can be accessed with user-friendly control interfaces for real-time, scheduled, sensor triggered, and remote web access control/monitoring.

Practical implementations include setting heating/AC to energy saving levels while the home is unoccupied or occupants are sleeping and returning them to normal levels just prior to the occupantís arrival or waking from sleep. Rooms can be set-up to turn lights, bathroom exhaust fans, appliances, etc. off when the room or the home has been determined to be unoccupied. Houses with home theatres, for example, can have their systems paused or have lights blinked, if a doorbell rings, the phone rings, or a smoke/carbon monoxide detectors or burglar alarms activate.  Energy usage can be monitored and notifications can be issued, in a number of ways, when abuse occurs.

In advanced installations each room can sense who the occupant is whether it is an individual family member or a guest and set lighting, temperature and music/TV to that personís preference taking into account day of week, time of day, and other factors. The most sophisticated systems can maintain an inventory of a variety of items, keep track of their usage through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and create a shopping list for items that need replenishing.

With todayís technologies, just about anything imaginable is possible. Whether you want to go simple, practical, or impress your peers with the extreme, GainTech Solutions will guide you through the process and help you make the right choices for your needs.

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